Microcat for Land Rover – November 2009

Download links:



  1. Download the four files linked above.
  2. Mount the CD 1 ISO image or burn to CD, and install the application. Insert CD 2 in the same way when required
  3. Extract the mc_crack.zip archive and retrieve the MG16.DLL file from within.
  4. Copy this file to the following locations, overwriting if necessary:


  5. Until the 60-days validity period of this release has passed, the application should now run with no additional work required. However, after the release has gone out of date, it will require the following steps to be taken to launch each time
  6. Extract the microlaunch.zip archive and place the microlaunch.exe in the C:\MCLRE folder, or wherever you installed Microcat to in step 2
  7. Create a shortcut to this exe (right click -> Create Shortcut) and place this somewhere accessible (on your Desktop, or in your Start Menu etc).
  8. To run Microcat, you run the launcher (through your shortcut). You may need to click Browse and find the main Microcat executable (mclre.exe) the first time you run it, but after that you should just be able to click OK and run the application.
  9. In order to not have to see the microlaunch window each time, right click the shortcut you just made and change the target to include a ‘-go’ suffix as shown below. This will skip the window showing each time and just go straight into Microcat.

Note! Information and files initially found on: Land Rover Technical Blog

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